Studying the past may just brighten your future!

History provides pupils with skills that help in and out of the workplace. It is highly regarded for such careers as law, television, archaeology and media. The subject should be particularly appealing to those who enjoy writing about their ideas, developing logical arguments and researching from a range of evidence. In an age of information overload, the ability to recognise and evaluate bias is a real skill and one which is uniquely developed in the history classroom. 

All pupils will study history from Medieval times through to the present day. British history provides the main focus for the course but other topics such as the Black Peoples of the Americas are studied. The twentieth century and Britain's place in the modern world is a very important aspect of the course. It is our aim that pupils will develop their skills in analysis and evaluation and will develop research techniques, all of which are tested during National Curriculum Assessment and by GCSE and A-level examination 

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils follow differentiated schemes of work that covers the following topic areas:

  • Britain 1066-1603
  • Britain 1603-1900
  • The Twentieth Century World

Key Stage 4

We study the AQA GCSE History course (8145). 
Content comprises the following elements:

Paper 1: Understanding the modern world
Section A: Period studies
  •  Germany c.1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship
Section B: Wider world depth studies
  • Conflict and tension, c.1918-1939

Paper 2: Shaping the nation
Section A: Thematic studies
  • Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day 
Section B: British depth studies including the historic environment
  • Elizabethan England, c.1558-1603 

How it's assessed
  • Each paper involves a written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Each paper is worth 50% of GCSE

To see the AQA GCSE History specification, please click HERE

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, students follow the AQA specification:
  • The Tudors: England, 1485 - 1547 (written examination - 40% of A-level)
  • The Cold War, c1945 - 1991(written examination - 40% of A-level)
  • Historical Investigation - The industrialisation of Russia c.1856-1941 (personal investigation - 20% of A-level) 
To see the AQA A-level History specification, please click HERE.


Within the History department, we are keen to promote an enjoyment and excitement in History. Enrichment trips include:

  • Year 7 trip to Skipton Castle
  • Year 8 residential trip to London
  • Year 9 trip to the International Slave Museum, Liverpool
  • Year 11 visit to the Thackray Medical Museum
  • Sixth form residential trips to Berlin, Munich and Rome


  • Mr J Waller (Head of History and Classics)
  • Mrs L Williamson
  • Mr R Nunns
  • Mrs A Lillie
  • Mrs C Hennessy

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