The Sixth Form is housed in the Crossland Building, which opened in January 2011.

Sixth Form St ChristophersThe aim has been to provide the very best educational accommodation matched by excellent student areas and facilities.

The Crossland Building comprises two three-storey blocks, joined together by a glazed circulation area. State of the art science laboratories, well-equipped ICT rooms, a spacious art room with roof terrace and a fully equipped catering suite provides specialist facilities for the 21st Century. Ten general classrooms, fully equipped with the latest interactive technology, together with a foundation classroom, offer flexible learning spaces to cater for different teaching methods and to ensure the best response from our students.

A spacious library for private study and research, with the balcony providing extensive views of the area, is contained in the second block. This also houses a 200 sq ft multipurpose hall, a Student Hub and a large association area with cafeteria facilities which are available throughout the day, serving snacks, drinks and hot food.

Students have helped in the design of this area, choosing the style of furniture as well as the colour scheme. A large roof garden offers a novel and attractive area for relaxation and reflection. Outside, a landscaped area with a pergola and amphitheatre seating provide additional recreation space for students.

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