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What is Eco Group?


St Christopher's has had an in-house eco group established for 5 years now. For the past 3 years we have held a successful annual Summer Eco Fair. This community liaison led to the establishment of the Hyndburn and Ribble Eco Cluster Group over 2 years ago. This group meets every half-term and regularly liaises between itself and shares ideas/resources and often pupils help out at each other's schools. Recently, St Christopher's won the regional Green Schools Revolution award from the Co-op in part due to our work within the community, primarily other schools.

In 2011 as finalist for NPower's Climate Cops Awards, the eco group decided to get their local community involved with their sustainability work. After much debate, they felt the most useful thing they could do, was to encourage the community to grow their own produce. Having to source everything themselves, they had to think of a low cost option. They decided they would ask people to pledge to grow their own veg and in return they were given a starter pot containing onions and garlic. One of our first points of contact was Ian Hodgson, at the Prospects Foundation. He kindly helped kick start our project by helping us firstly to make an 'infomercial', which can be seen here.

Additional help from school contacts through our PTA provided unwanted ice cream tubs, in which pupils drilled drainage holes and SITA, the local waste management company handling the borough's compost, provided 3 tonnes of 'local' compost to fill then pots.

Pledge 4 Veg was sown!



Firth's Green Light for Fashion Show

Colin Firth may be looking dapper on the set of his new film, 'The Secret Service' in London, but one of his tailored garments has found its way to Accrington, into a dress made entirely of gentlemans' ties.  The 53 year old Oscar winning actor, who personally promotes social responsibility, was one of the first to respond to the children's appeal to recycle ties into elegant dresses. Will the dress be handsome enough to tempt Mr Darcy?
St Christopher's students will be dressed with glamour and filled with excitement amidst the arrival of one of the most anticipated events of the year, 'The Trashion Show'.
The school hall will be the centre of attraction for all fashionistas with the arrival of more than twenty new designers from Year 9, who will be presenting their exclusive designs along with several sixth formers as guest designers. Over four hundred students and teachers are expected to attend the event, held during their lunchtime. The event is coordinated by textiles teacher, Mrs Anne Morrison. She explained "I have been amazed by the students' enthusiasm and determination to create fashion from waste. The outfits are thought provoking and look spectacular."
 The same Trashion Show will then travel to London on 2nd December as the finale to Jane Goodall's 'Roots & Shoots' annual national awards. Ready to receive a Gold Award in acknowledgement of the school???s work on sustainability, both within the school and the community, the Eco Group, and school's Jazz band will accompany the budding designers as they travel to the capital. With the promise of celebrity judges, excitement is high and students hope they will 'Love Actually' (!) their designers.
"The award of our second Green Flag last week, reaffirms just how seriously the whole school takes our responsibility for the environment. Reusing items which can't be recycled is a great way to reduce land fill and allow young minds to be creative in ways they never thought possible." added Wendy Litherland, the school's sustainability coordinator. 
'The Trashion Show' will feature designs inspired by the local area, including a Hollands Pie dress, one made from leaves, and the prestigious tie dresses. 
With personal support from Livia Firth, leading sustainability ambassador in the fashion industry, the students are looking to upcycle and reduce land fill.
Mr Jones, Headmaster of St Christopher's said, "I am delighted at the response of our pupils to this wonderful challenge.  Encouraging young people to have a sense of social responsibility is so important and this initiative, along with many others at St Christopher's, helps to embed that sense of our students being citizens of the world. For once we are able to award top marks for rubbish work!" 


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