Drama is a popular subject that is taught within English at Key Stage 3, and is offered as a specialist option at GCSE.

Through devising, acting and creating, pupils are encouraged to focus on their journey towards becoming independent, reflective learners. A great deal of emphasis is put on pupils evaluating their own work and also the work of others.

The GCSE in Drama is designed to build, strengthen and expand pupils' own ideas about performance and theory. During the two year course, pupils will complete two Controlled Assessments, worth 60% of their final mark. At least one of these assessments will be performed in front of a small audience. The remaining 40% of the course is assessed, in part, by pupils visiting and reflecting upon a live theatre production.

Drama is a disciplined subject that encourages pupils to explore the journey "from the page to the stage", using their own performances and also by looking closely at the creativity of playwrights, directors and actors.

In addition, the GCSE in Drama can compliment the English GCSE course, where a play is also studied in detail, and a percentage of the assessment is awarded for Speaking and Listening

Head of Department - Mrs N Kewin


"The course challenges your confidence at the same time as boosting it."
Tara, Year 11

"Drama is a good course that gives you many opportunities to learn new skills."
Dylan, Year 11.

"Drama helps you work better as a team and makes you appreciate the hard work that is put into anything you watch."
Hannah, Year 11.

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