The Technology Faculty is a practical, hands-on department where we aim to build pupils' confidence, interest and skills, designing and making new products and systems.

Technology involves; exploring and understanding design problems, investigating and researching options, designing creative innovative solutions and ideas, developing these into workable solutions, planning how to make them, manufacturing them and evaluating their success.

Through Technology, pupils enjoy learning the important life skills of problem-solving, decision making, communicating, applying scientific principles and number, using ICT and modern technologies as well as innovation, creative thinking and practical skills. Pupils also learn to take calculated risks , and balance social, moral, ethical, cultural, health and safety, economic, environmental and sustainability issues. Understanding how people shape technology and how technology shapes people's interactions with each other and the natural world is important.

We have eight well-equipped specialist Technology workshops and continually strive to update, modernize and improve our facilities and equipment which now include: laser cutters, sublimation printing, a metalworking kiln, embroidery machines and extensive ICT facilities, 3D printing and specialist software.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils follow differentiated schemes of work that cover five material areas of Technology:

  • Design Technology
  • Food 
  • Material Technology
  • Textiles
  • Visual Communication

All pupils in Years 7 and 8 experience working in all five material areas lead by specialist staff in specialist facilities. In Year 9, pupils choose to specialise in just three areas to prepare them for GCSE study in Technology.

All pupils have a Technology teacher as their mentor, who will carefully monitor their rate of progression through all the material areas and report the progress to parents. 

Key Stage 4

At KS4 the Technology Faculty offers an extensive choice of both academic and vocational GCSE and Level 1/2 subjects, all taught by specialist staff in our specialist facilities. These include:

  • AQA Design and Technology: Electronic Products (Click HERE for specification)
  • Eduqas Food Preparation and Nutrition (Click HERE for specification)
  • Eduqas Hospitality and Catering (Click HERE for specification)
  • AQA Art and Design: Graphic Communication (Click HERE for specification)
  • AQA Design and Technology: Electronic Products (Click HERE for specification) Last exam - 2018
  • AQA Design and Technology: Graphic Products (Click HERE for specification) Last exam - 2018
  • AQA Design and Technology: Resistant Materials (Click HERE for specification) Last exam - 2018
  • AQA Design and Technology: Textiles Technology (Click HERE for specification) Last exam - 2018
  • AQA Engineering (Click HERE for specification) Last exam - 2018

We have created a range of resources, designed to give you more detail on the content of our KS4 courses. To see the leaflet, just click the relevant subject below:


Key Stage 5

At KS5 the Technology Faculty offer a range of three A-level and Level 3 subjects, taught by specialist staff in modern, specialist facilities. These are:

  • AQA Design and Technology: Product Design (3D)
  • WJEC Food and Nutrition
  • AQA Art and Design: Textile Design

Enrichment Opportunities

Within the Technology Faculty, we are keen to support pupils with their Technology projects, promoting engagement, challenge, aspiration and enjoyment of all the varied aspects of the faculty. We, therefore, run lunchtime and after-school GCSE and A-level NEA and coursework clinics, as well as KS3 extension and support groups.

There are many other extra-curricular clubs or activities including a 3D CAD Club and a "Trashion Show" with creative fashion designs from recycled materials.

We also run trips to support our curriculum work including our Textiles Enrichment, City Gallery and Museum Trip to London and abroad, and industrial visits.

We also give pupils opportunities to put their designing and making skills to the test and compete against pupils from other schools in various competitions. These competitions include "The British Aerospace Technology Tournament", Blackburn College "Young Chef of the Year" Competitions and The Institute of Manufacturing "Make It in Manufacturing" Competition where we regularly have successes.


  • Mrs C O'Reilly (Head of Technology)
  • Mrs A Parker (Second in Technology)
  • Mr E Goddard
  • Mrs A Morrison 
  • Mr L Robinson
  • Mr D Corran
  • Mr G Balchin

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