"Quality is the best business plan." - John Lasseter, Pixar

Business is a popular subject to study at A-level, providing a valuable academic and work-related qualification whilst also developing useful life skills. It combines well with any other subject and it is in high regards by many universities and employers. Business students will learn not only about business behaviour but about also how business organisations adapt to the environment in which they operate.

What do I study in Business?

  • If you want to learn about the issues involved in managing a business, the Business Studies A-level course will provide you with a stimulating insight into the commercial world.
  • Learn about financial literacy and problem-solving, working as a team and manage day-to-day operations of a business
  • The global factors affecting businesses including Brexit, Trans-Atlantic Partnerships, and global tax evasion.
  • Study new, existing, and international business by analysing, interpreting and evaluating complex business information.

 For Paper 3, students undertake investigations in a specific market to become fluent in its structure, marketing, opportunities and threats to businesses within the industry. For 2017/18, the topic was the Chocolate Confectionery market. 

We run a trip to a business within the chosen industry to enrich students with the knowledge on how the business works in the industry. This gives application points to use within Paper 3. For 2017/18, we visited Cadbury World to give students insight into the Chocolate Confectionery market. 

Entry Requirements/Co-Requisites

Candidates should have a keen interest in the current business environment, as they will write about real-life businesses in context during their examination.

A minimum of a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics is required because of the data interpretation and financial calculation part of the course. A grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics may be accepted with a passing grade in the Business Baseline Test, completed in the first week of Year 12.

Studying A-Level Mathematics, Economics, Geography, and/or Computing alongside A-Level Business is useful for studying Business and Management at a higher level.

Further information 

Please click here for a course leaflet. If you would like further information about this subject please contact us at:
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